Hello, I’m Al, Alz, Alan.
I’m a 44yr old, divorced father of three, ages 17, 16 & 7 yr old princess!
I have my own business, well 2? Sort of, anyway, ones a nursing agency specialising in operating theatre staff, the other I do ad hoc healthcare consulting roles!
That’s enough boring stuff!

Recently I got contacted by my GP because a routine blood test pointed out that I have a raised cholesterol level, 6.4 to be exact, being a healthcare professional I promptly buried my head in the sand or a cream doughnut, I forget which?

Anyway I started thinking of what. Want to achieve in life (bit deep!) & what’s happened in my past, one of the main things was my seemingly invincible dad having a heart attack & subsequent bypass. I have now realised I need to do something physically, nutritionally & on an emotional level, so I can become ‘A Better Person’

As I need to motivate myself, I’m doing this blog as part of the journey & to remind me what I was like!


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