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A New Week!

Hi folks, the week ahead looks like this: –
Monday work 7-7
Tuesday gym @ 7am then work 1-9
Wednesday as above
Thursday gym @ 6.30 for PT session with Dean Maden PT then a cycle at night as Helarni is out for drinks with her bessie bride to be!
Friday wedding of Jack & Amy, which will be lovely as they are really lovely people!
The weekend will be gym mixed with long distance cycling & a trip to Leamington Spa!

Anyway this morning thought I would have a steady warm up on the rower & running machine, all good!
Then I was going to train my legs, instead of the traditional squats, I thought I would do some sprints with the push sled……my legs are shredded!! I entered into my own personal competition against it, I’ve never hurt, sweated, fatigued as much in my life! I did super sets with a 20kg weight floor to press & had 60kg on the sled. Now my legs feel good after a really hot shower, but def gonna do it again! I will not be beat!

I want legs like this!!!

I want legs like this!!!

Any workout tips with the sled would be amazing, cheers!

Peace & love


@lronGuts: It WILL hurt. It WILL take time. It WILL require dedication and sacrifice. But it WILL be worth it.

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