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Bank Holiday Weekend

Hi folks, have had an amazing weekend so far, started with a friends wedding on Friday & it was one of the most special days I’ve been too, don’t mind saying it was ’emotional’!

Vintage foto booth at the wedding! With the fiancé!

Vintage foto booth at the wedding! With the fiancé!

Yesterday was emotional on another level, went to see really close friends, ones mother has recently died, really upsetting to see someone so lost & sad and not being able to help. He has the love of an amazing wife & great support, but you can’t buy time 😦

As you can guess my nutrition has been pants & the gym non existent so had my brekkie, cycle to the gym and beast myself, I’m still focusing on strength building, but will incorporate the sledge!



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A New Week!

Hi folks, the week ahead looks like this: –
Monday work 7-7
Tuesday gym @ 7am then work 1-9
Wednesday as above
Thursday gym @ 6.30 for PT session with Dean Maden PT then a cycle at night as Helarni is out for drinks with her bessie bride to be!
Friday wedding of Jack & Amy, which will be lovely as they are really lovely people!
The weekend will be gym mixed with long distance cycling & a trip to Leamington Spa!

Anyway this morning thought I would have a steady warm up on the rower & running machine, all good!
Then I was going to train my legs, instead of the traditional squats, I thought I would do some sprints with the push sled……my legs are shredded!! I entered into my own personal competition against it, I’ve never hurt, sweated, fatigued as much in my life! I did super sets with a 20kg weight floor to press & had 60kg on the sled. Now my legs feel good after a really hot shower, but def gonna do it again! I will not be beat!

I want legs like this!!!

I want legs like this!!!

Any workout tips with the sled would be amazing, cheers!

Peace & love


@lronGuts: It WILL hurt. It WILL take time. It WILL require dedication and sacrifice. But it WILL be worth it.

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